Shopper Bike

This is the sparkliest shopper in the world.



The shopper bike is popular for short journeys. The one in the picture above is the ultimate Raleigh 20, with frame mounted front basket, rear quick release bag and hub dynamo. The rear bag is very rare. This bike is in "barn find" condition and has been sold. There's another one here.


Our stock of this kind of bike is good at present in Maryhill. Please call to find out about the two Dawes Kingpins, many Raleigh 20s and the Vindec Vogues, among others.

The shopper type of small wheel bike has 20 x 1 3/8 inch wheels, an open frame with one big tube, flat handlebars and a hub gear.

These bikes are great for short distance work in the city. They are very nippy, tough and reliable. For long distances they are slow, but those who use them within their limitations love them.

Further evidence of their popularity can be found on London Cycling Chic, if you scroll down a bit, or here. If you want a tartan rack top bag, sorrry they are out of stock at the wholesaler and no more are being made. There's an entire website about them here.

There are more radically modified 20s here.

These bikes are "one size fits all". They can be adjusted to fit people from 4' 9" to almost 6'.

The modern type began in 1965 with the Dawes Kingpin, followed a few years later by the not quite as good Raleigh 20, then various others from Vindec etc. There's a great page from historian Tony Hadland here.

The Raleigh 20 is very common. We haven't sold many recently as we have been unable to get alloy rims in this size, but have now located a source, so we can do you a 20 from £120. There are many different models and names, all on the same basic frame. Some have front racks as well as rear, some have baskets, some fold, some have dynohub lights, some rare ones have all of these.

The one drawback to the Raleigh 20 is that it is 26 tpi threaded, so only the cranks and headset it comes with are a good fit. If you want to "hop-up" a shopper, read on.

The Dawes Kingpin is the shopper to have. It is well made and has standard threads, so any parts will fit. Prices for these, when we have them, starts £130 for rigid and £150 for folding.
These can be modified with more alloy parts to make them lighter, or have more gears. We once made one with 24 gears.

Gear adjustment instructions are here.

Other kinds of shopper vary. The Vindec and Elswick are fairly good. If it looks like a shopper but has 20 x 1.75 wheels and a U-shaped frame, then beware. These are cheaply made, and fit only for spare parts. See here.